Tourist and
Business visas

Tourist and business visas are temporary non immigrant visas, which are given to prospective applicants, who want to visit the issuing country for a limited period of time. Applicants that want to receive a tourist or business visa must prove to immigration authorities that they do not have any intention to immigrate.

Tourist visa – allows its holders to enter the issuing country for tourist purposes. Holders of a tourist visa are not allowed to work or to engage in any kind of commercial activities. The duration of a tourist visa may vary significantly but in most cases is between 3 and 6 months. Tourist visas may be single entry or multiple entry depending on how many times the visa holder is allowed to enter the issuing country.

Business visa – Business visas are given to people, who want to enter the issuing country with commercial purposes. Usually, a business visa grants its holders the right to business meetings, conventions, conferences or a short-term project requiring a high level of skill. Business visa holders can not undertake full time employment in the issuing country

Business and Tourist visas from Visa First:

If you want to enjoy a short holiday in Australia you will need the Australian ETA Visa, which entitles you to visit Australia for up to 3 months.
To visit Australia for short business trip - conference, negotiation or exploration, you will need Australian Business Visa.
To visit Russia for Business you will need Russian Business visa. If the purpose for visiting Russia is holiday/tourism then you need Russian Tourist Visa.
No matter which is your purpose of visiting China – Business or Tourism – you will need to get a China Business visa or China Tourist Visa.
VisaFirst can help you organize your India visa, if you want to enter the country on business (for up to 5 years) or holiday (for 6 months).