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Do I need a visa for Thailand?

If you are from one of the following countries you may enter Thailand without a visa for tourism and stay up to 30 days.

Australia Israel Portugal
Austria Italy Qatar
Belgium Japan Russia
Bahrain Kuwait Singapore
Brunei Laos Spain
Canada Luxembourg South Africa
Denmark Macao SAR Sweden
Finland Malaysia Switzerland
France Monaco Turkey
Germany Mongolia UAE
Greece The Netherlands UK
Hong Kong New Zealand USA
Iceland Norway Vietnam
Indonesia Oman  
Ireland The Philippines  

Nationals from the following countries are allowed to stay without a visa for a stay up to 90 days.

Argentina Republic of Korea
Chile Peru

Nationals from the following countries can obtain a visa upon arrival for stay up to 15 days.

Andorra India Poland
Bhutan Kazakhstan Romania
Bulgaria Latvia San Marino
China Liechtenstein Saudi Arabia
Cyprus Lithuania Slovakia
Czech Republic Malta Slovenia
Estonia Maldives Taiwan
Ethiopia Mauritius Uzbekistan
Hungary Oman Ukraine

USA:866 772 9245
(free phone)
Australia:1 800 829 230
(free phone)
Austria:01 928 0468
(local phone)
Belgium:01 150 0353
(local phone)
Canada:647 724 3535
(local phone)
Denmark:07014 2225
(local phone)
France:01 72 72 72 10
(local phone)
Germany:0800 000 7272
(free phone)
Holland:02 0890 8144
(local phone)
Ireland:01 878 3329
(local phone)
Italy:02 3600 0535
(local phone)
New Zealand:+64 9 984 1996
(free phone)
Spain:91 187 15 30
(local phone)
Sweden:011 496 6326
(local phone)
UK:0207 659 9180
(local phone)
Russia:0499 9183 181
(local phone)