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Get off to a great start in the UK!

Visa First helps you organise everything you’ll need to set up life and start work in the UK.

UK National Insurance Number
To start working and getting paid in the UK, you’ll need a UK tax number – National Insurance Number. It can take up to 2 weeks to apply for one but Visa First can start organising your application before you even leave home to help speed up the process. Apply for your UK NIN Number today.

UK Tax Refunds
When you leave the UK, or at the end of the UK tax year in April, Visa First can help you claim back any overpaid UK tax for you. Our tax preparation partner offers Visa First customers FREE online tax refund estimations and makes the whole UK tax return process simple and stress-free. gets Visa First customers average tax refunds of £960! Apply for a UK Tax Refund here.