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China Business Visa, Tourist visa for China

Chinese visa is required by the authorities in China for any foreign citizens that need to enter into, exit from or transit through the China territory. According to your purpose of visit you will need a China visa issued by the Chinese Visa Authorities.

VisaFirst is a registered migration agent processing visas on behalf of the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Visa Authorities. We save you the hassle of waiting for hours and we ensure there is no chance for your visa application to be rejected because of missing documents or incorrect documents.

If you want to enter in China for business, short term study or as a tourist, VisaFirst can organise everything you need. Just choose your preferred visa type and fill in the application form.

China Business Visa China Tourist Visa
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You need Chinese Business Visa if you are invited to the country for business, research, lecturing, or atending in exhibitions or trade fairs. If you want to visit China for tourist purpose, to visit family member or other personal affair, than you need Chinese Tourist Visa.
Visa validity: up to 12 months Visa validity: up to 3 months
Processing time: 3/5/10 days Processing time: 3/5/10 days
Starting from £ 100 Starting from £ 135

Chinese visa requirements

To apply for china visa you need the following:
  • Application Form
  • Visa Processing Fee
  • Original Passport - must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Recent color passport-sized photograph taken against white background and printed on standard photographic paper
  • Flight itinerary OR hotel booking

Additional requirements

If you apply for China Business Visa you will need also an Invitation Letter on letter-headed paper from the company (Chinese Government Department or Government-authorised Company) you will be attending in China. The original letter is needed.
There are no additional requirements for the China Tourist Visa

Duration of the Chinese Visa

The duration of the period you could stay in China depends on the visa type you applied for. There are several types of visa – Single-Entry Chinese visa, Double-Entry China Visa, and in some cases – Multiple-Entry visa for China. Depending on the visa type you are permitted to stay on China Territory for 3 to 12 months.

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