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Am I eligible for an Australian Sponsorship Visa?

There are specific requirements that apply to each one of the stages of the application.

To be eligible to sponsor overseas applicants, the business:
  • Existing businesses must be financially stable, or if the business is a start up, it must be able to evidence that it will expand and develop in the coming year;
  • must meet the training benchmark - the business will need to show that they invest in trainings for their Australian employees. If the business is a start up, they need to evidence that they will comply with the training requirements;
  • must propose a salary which is above the min required threshold of $ 53 900. In addition to this, the proposed salary needs to be relevant to the local market salary rate for the relevant occupation.

To be eligible to apply for a 457 visa the overseas employee must:
  • have an eligible occupation that appears on the Australian skills shortage list;
  • must have the relevant qualifications and/or experience required for the position - most occupations require formal qualifications or if you have no official certs 3 to 5 years of relevant experience would normally suffice, depending on the occupation ;
  • must be of good health and character.

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